Successful oral and maxillofacial surgeon with extensive experience in clinical practice and possessing a strong and diverse dental background in both anesthesiology and oral and maxillofacial surgery. In addition to having extensive experience and knowledge in the use of analgesics, anti-infectives, anti-emetics, and local and parenteral anesthetics, I have proven proficiency in emergency situations and over 28 years experience in the management of a private oral and maxillofacial surgery private practice. The practice management entailed: recruiting, training, performance management and payroll, comprehensive knowledge in the treatment of stress and interpersonal skills, successful execution of crisis-driven decisions, pain management, science-based responses to interdisciplinary teams, and office and hospital surgery. Experience in the following:
• Dentoalveolar surgery
• Treatment of pathologic conditions
• Diagnosis and correction of maxillofacial deformities
• Repair of traumatic facial injuries
• Dental implantology
• Delivery of local and intravenous anesthesia
• Treatment of head, neck, and oral infections
• Biopsy
• Cosmetic facial surgery
• Bone grafts

Managerial proficiency in:
• Negotiation and interactions with third party payers
• Innovative and educational programs for staff
• Contract negotiations
• Quality assurance

Research Interests

  • Anesthesiology, Dental Implantology, Dentoalveolar Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Medicine, and Surgery,