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The Kornberg School of Dentistry has many degree programs for students interested in the practice of dentistry, including certificates and graduate degrees. Gaining admission to dental school is competitive, and so the admissions requirements for each program are extensive.

Learn about the admissions requirements and application procedures for each of our programs.

Apply for DMD and Postbaccalaureate Degree Programs

Application requirements for those interested in the Four-year DMD and Postbaccalaureate, as well as internationally trained dentists interested in the Advanced Standing Program, can be found below. 

Apply for Graduate and Postdoctoral Degree Programs

Expand your general dentistry knowledge and prepare for a deeper practice by continuing your education at the graduate level. Learn how to apply for the master’s degree and postdoctoral certificate programs below.

Technical Standards

The Kornberg School of Dentistry requires prospective students to have a certain set of technical skills. In order to fulfill the educational requirements of the dental program, students must possess certain characteristics and be able to demonstrate specific abilities in the following areas.

  • Behavioral
  • Cognitive
  • Communication
  • Motor skills
  • Sensory/observation

Immunization Requirements

First-year students are required to submit a completed physical examination form and immunization record prior to orientation. Students must be immunized against 

  • diphtheria-tetanus; 
  • measles; 
  • mumps;
  • polio;
  • rubella; and
  • viral titers for measles (rubeola), rubella and varicella (chickenpox). 

Student Health Services provides affordable immunization services for students. All students must also receive the Hepatitis B vaccine series and follow up with an antibody titer at least one month after the third vaccination, or otherwise demonstrate immunity to Hepatitis B, prior to clinical contact. 

Annual PPD testing/TB screening is required for all dental student year groups. All incoming dental students will be required to have an initial two-step PPD performed, followed by annual PPD testing and screening.


For additional information, including the status of submitted applications, contact the Advanced Standing Office of Admissions.

Phone: 1-800-441-4363