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Student wellness is of vital importance in the Kornberg School of Dentistry. Faculty, staff and administrators work diligently to create an environment that is conducive to long-term learning, with added support systems in place for those students who need them. From emotional, mental and physical wellness to the overall concerns of an everyday dental student, Kornberg is here to help you through the process of becoming a dedicated and well-prepared professional.

Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee is a subcommittee of the Diversity and Humanistic Culture Committee. Comprised of students, faculty and staff, the committee engages in program planning aimed at easing anxiety and stress among the student population. The committee is always evolving and open to new avenues of student assistance.

Student-Faculty Center

The Student-Faculty Center is a comprehensive conference, fitness and leisure center used extensively by students and faculty of all schools at the Health Sciences Center. The Student-Faculty Center offers

  • conference rooms; 
  • study rooms; 
  • a large cafeteria; 
  • racquetball courts; 
  • locker rooms with saunas; 
  • a fitness room; and
  • a multipurpose court used for basketball, volleyball and tennis. 

The center also sponsors a variety of programs, hosts multiple conferences, and features some intramural sports.

The HSC Recreation Center is located within the Student-Faculty Center. It houses intramural teams, a fitness space, weight training and cardio rooms, basketball and racquetball courts, and more.

Counseling Services

Students have access to a breadth of counseling services throughout their time here.