Do you know Kornberg School of Dentistry alumni who are changing the field of dentistry, and making a difference in their communities or the world? Nominate them for an Alumni Achievement Award. Nominations are accepted until January 15th each year.

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Alumni Association Achievement Award Nomination

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 A person with long standing involvement with contributions to dental education that span local, national and international areas; who has made significant clear and discreet contributions to further dental education through publishing, lecturing, hands-on teaching and a significant body of work for many years such as course materials that are recognized as having a major impact on the profession; innovative educational practices in dental education whose material is important in influencing peers and shares this material openly; actively teaches in a setting such as dental school, hospital program, military venue, visiting lecturer, on staff of dental school (s); publishes and researches his specific field in dentistry and is recognized by organized dentistry and the public in general.

A person who has organized and assumes the risk of a practice or business, locally, nationally of internationally, and has the unique skills and exceptional initiative to establish such ventures; who creates a positive, fair and supportive environment while maintaining an even exceeding the normal standards and who is a  model of  integrity and excellence and communication skills; who through the business supports the mission of dentistry and specifically the dental school; who applies his skills in both teaching, and writing and shares these skills with his peers without reservation; who both actively and financially supports the dental school and its mission and expresses such through his business methods.

A person whose actions go beyond the responsibilities of the profession and has helped improve the welfare of mankind, including significant contributions benefitting one’s community, state, national and/or international level; his actions through charitable work philanthropy, dental education, services to disabled, underprivileged, senior and/or youth,  with no expected compensation; whose actions to the dental school which reflect the outstanding moral, emotional and humanistic behavior which can be attributed to the training and education under the guidelines of the mission of the dental school; who has given back unselfishly his time to the school and to dentistry in general.

 A person who has made a significant difference in dentistry through leadership skills both on local, national and international levels; who has advocated dental education and research and influences the decision makers public policy, and legislation through effective dental advocacy; who uses his abilities to improve dental health outcomes; who also leads by example in giving back to dentistry and the dental school, freely of time and finances; who shares his knowledge and passion for dentistry through writing, speaking and playing a lead role in developing awareness of dentistry’s role in national health; actively participates with groups dedicated to advancing dental health and dentistry in general; has actively championed dental research programs and strategies within all dental organizations he is affiliated with.

A person who consistently demonstrates the qualities of compassion and service to dentistry and the public through voluntary activities; who is a leader in charitable endeavors as well as formal dental activities both outside and inside the dental school; who participates in activities promoting dentistry and specifically the dental school; who without reservation contributes his time and financial support to the dental school, locally and nationally and is recognized for his actions by his peers.

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