Dental Care with a SmileTM


The Kornberg School of Dentistry offers different payment options for dental care, and fees vary based on the type of clinic you visit (student, resident, faculty) and procedure you undergo. Discount programs such as the Dental Pass and income-adjusted sliding fee plans are available. The School of Dentistry is a major center for dental care for patients covered by the PA Medical Assistance program. Patients with private insurances are also welcome.

Payment Options

Payment for services is generally due at the beginning of each visit. For more involved procedures, partial payment is due prior to starting the procedure and the remaining balance is due at the time of completion.

Acceptable methods of payment include: 

  • cash,
  • MAC/DEBIT/ATM card, 
  • money order or bank check, 
  • personal checks (with appropriate identification), and 
  • Mastercard or Visa.

Advice on dental loans from local credit unions will be provided upon request.


If you have questions about dental insurance coverage, call the Kornberg School of Dentistry Business Office at 215-707-2912.