Diversity and Inclusion

Just walk through the halls of our school and you will see a reflection of the world. Over the last 150 years, Kornberg School of Dentistry has valued and embraced diversity in the United States and internationally with everyone in the dental school community.

The school promotes understanding and respect for diversity in cultures, religions, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, and expression of opinions. The School's programs strive to recruit diverse groups of students and educate all students to respect and meet the needs of an incredibly diverse patient populations. Our commitment to diversity can be found in the Diversity Policy.

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to student success, diversity and inclusion. Our focus on clinical excellence in education and patient care attracts multiculturally diverse students from across the globe who share a relentless drive to become committed, confident and clinically advanced practitioners. Dentistry is a humanistic health profession, and the Office of Student Affairs promotes a humanistic, welcoming and supportive environment in the dental school for students, faculty, staff and patients.

Diversity and Humanistic Culture Committee

The purpose of the committee is is to create a humanistic, diverse, and inclusive cultural environment that nurtures students, faculty, staff, and patients through active engagement, collaboration, mutual respect, and harmonious relationships. The school supports and cultivates the development of collective professionalism and ethical behavior by fostering a common sense of purpose, caring for the school, for each other, the community, and for patients. The school fosters and embraces diversity of ideas and cultures.

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