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To help our students succeed, the Kornberg School of Dentistry places an emphasis on mentorship. We believe mentors to be vital to a happy, healthy and holistic dental school experience.

Mentorship is proven to relieve stress and anxiety for students by providing them with easily accessible resources, not just for information, but also for encouragement and support. As such, the school strives to help students access mentorships through lecture, lab, preclinic and clinical coursework. 

Kornberg’s mentorship program is housed on Temple’s Owl Network, an online platform through which the Temple University alumni community can easily connect with current students.

White Coat Ceremony

The annual White Coat Ceremony is a significant moment for dental students and their families, and one of the most important milestones in a student’s academic career.

Each May, rising third-year students transition from preclinical lab work to clinical experience with patients. This transition is symbolized by the donning of the white coat during a formal ceremony, during which students sign and recite the Dentist’s Pledge.