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The Office of Student Affairs offers career counseling support both while you’re a student and after graduation. Throughout the academic year, guest speakers are invited to discuss a broad spectrum of professional opportunities. Events include programming related to corporate and private practice careers, debt management, general practice residencies, military service, and specialty education.

Career Services

Students receive notifications about employment opportunities posted on the student bulletin board, and they receive guidance on how to prepare a curriculum vitae, personal essays and letters of intent.

Career Center

The Temple University Career Center is a helpful resource for all students who need assistance with career planning. Visit the Career Center website to schedule an appointment with a career coach, find sample résumés, and get information about starting a career plan.

Career Development Committee

The Career Development Committee works to enhance the career counseling component of services available to students. By partnering with the Office of Student Affairs, the committee ensures the provision of comprehensive postgraduate opportunities to all students, as well as planning career development, education management, future practice and debt management lunch sessions.