The Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry is committed to producing compassionate, dedicated and ethical dental professionals. Student clinical experiences are complemented by opportunities for professional development, honing the soft skills necessary for a successful dental career. Students can also participate in mentorships that play a key role in guiding them through their dental school path.

Through a shared focus on collaboration, cooperation and resilience, Kornberg educates the next generation of humanistic dental professionals while also creating positive, lasting change within the greater Temple University and Philadelphia communities.

Student Organizations & Community Outreach

Students in good academic standing are encouraged to participate in student organizations and outreach experiences beyond the classroom, both within Philadelphia and beyond

Facilities & Resources

The Kornberg School of Dentistry is located at Temple University’s Health Sciences Center, which also houses the Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University School of Pharmacy and Temple University Hospital. As a student, you have access to all amenities offered at Temple, including recreational, exercise and cultural facilities.

Honor Code

The Kornberg School of Dentistry Honor Code is concerned with the honesty, integrity and ethical conduct of each member of the Kornberg School of Dentistry Student/Resident Body. This includes all applicants admitted to, and enrollees in, the Post-Baccalaureate Program, the Predoctoral Program, all Graduate Residencies, all advanced standing degree-granting programs, internships, and any other degree- or certificate-granting programs.

Students/Residents become subject to the Honor Code upon the admission to any of the School of Dentistry’s programs. Misrepresentations, including omissions, made by an applicant during the application process and before matriculation, if discovered prior to matriculation, may result in rescission of previously granted admission, or dismissal, if discovered after enrollment, depending upon the severity of the violation. 

Although the Honor Code is designed to regulate any breaches of ethical behavior and any violations of the School of Dentistry’s rules, and to recommend sanctions against those who violate its principles, the fundamental purpose of the Honor Code is to encourage students/residents to adhere to high moral standards in the dental profession. Under the Honor Code, students/residents not only pledge to personally maintain the standards of the Honor Code, but also to help other students/residents maintain these high standards of behavior.

In addition to the School’s Honor Code and policies, all applicants, students and residents are subject to the policies of Temple University and the rules and regulations outlined and incorporated in the Temple University Student Conduct Code.