Dental Care with a SmileTM

Temple University’s Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry is home to one of the largest dental clinics in the Philadelphia region. It is equipped to meet the full range of community dental care needs, from preventative care to restorative and oral surgical dental procedures performed under sedation or general anesthesia.

Dental care is available for all ages from infants to seniors and is provided by student-dentists, resident-dentists and faculty.

The cost of dental care depends on the providers: students, resident-dentists, or faculty. There are fee reduction plans available for eligible patients, including the Dental Pass program and income-adjusted sliding scale fees.

The Advanced Dental Sedation Center at Kornberg provides pediatric and adult care under moderate to deep sedation. It is the only clinic in Philadelphia that provides dental care under sedation for adults eligible for Medicare who need endodontic and restorative care.

In addition to dental care, the School of Dentistry has a primary medical care clinic in the same building of the main dental clinic that is operated by Greater Philadelphia Health Action. The medical clinic provides services for adults including telehealth and COVID-19 testing. 


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