Orthodontics - Predoctoral Program

Course title: Postnatal Craniofacial Growth & Cephalometrics
Course director: Dr. James Sciote Course
Course #: D210                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Description: In this freshman summer course, knowledge is presented on development of the primary and permanent dentition with regard to tooth size, arch perimeter size, transition of the dentition from primary to permanent, sequence of eruption, normal & abnormal craniofacial growth and development, cephalometric and occlusal diagnosis of malocclusion and management of developing malocclusions in the mixed dentition. Emphasis is also placed on foundation knowledge in the basic sciences, including musculoskeletal physiology and human genetics, emphasizing that human malocclusion is a complex musculoskeletal trait.

Course title: Orthodontic Considerations in General Dental Practice
Course director: Dr. Harold Slutsky
Course #: D609
Semester: Spring
Year: Junior 

Description:This didactic course introduces the student to concepts of orthodontic treatment in the young and in the adult. The distinction between "orthodontic tooth movement" and "orthodontic treatment" is made. Adjunctive orthodontics and the role of tooth movement in general dental practice is emphasized. Interactions between specialties and sequencing of treatment is accentuated. This course allows the student to make the transition from preclinical to clinical activities on orthodontics.

Course title: Orthodontic Clinic
Course director: Dr. James Sciote
Course #: D691
Semester: All
Year: Junior 

Description: In the junior year there is a one day experience in the orthodontic clinic in which orthodontic screenings are conducted as the general triage/intake of school patients for all orthodontic treatments as part of the D671 orthodontic clinic course. Each student screens and assesses malocclusion and space maintenance needs up to five patients during that day. The course concludes with a Diagnosis of Malocclusion and Space Management Needs competency.