Mentoring for Life

Small investment/big impact

In just a few meetings, Temple Dental alumni can make a big impact on a dental student's education and career.  Started as an initiative by the Alumni Association, the Mentoring for Life Program will be available for all students.  
A mentor is a guide and a resource, someone who shares his or her Temple Dental and professional experience with current Temple students.  The main goal will be to inspire personal growth, encouraging volunteerism, vision for the future, cultural sensitivity and philanthropic awareness, all values reflected in the core of the dental profession.  Mentors are made available to students to make their transition from undergraduate, to dental student, to dental practitioner not only manageable but enjoyable.  

How it works

The Mentoring for Life Program is structured around four mandatory meetings over the course of a student's enrollment.  Mentors and students will be matched.
  • First Meeting: A face-to face, introductory meeting between all new mentors and mentees
  • Second Meeting: Off campus where mentors share their background and experience with their mentee/s
  • Third Meeting: At the mentor's workplace or site relevant to the student's career interest, such as a professional conference
  • Fourth Meeting: On campus, with all mentors and mentees in the program sharing their experiences

For mentoring to be successful there must be a reciprocal, comfortable relationship between the mentor and mentee/s.  Both parties must work at the relationship by being open-minded, respectful and keeping to the expectations they have set.  Ideally, the mentoring relationship will be mutually beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee.

To register

Registration is not open at this time.

To find out more about mentoring, contact:

Office of Development
and Alumni Relations
(215) 707-9005