Intranet Access

Access to the intranet is restricted to students, faculty and other authorized employees of the School. User name and password are required.

There are two ways to access the Intranet, depending on how you connect to the intranet server:

1. Access from devices directly connected to the School network, like computers in the clinics and computer labs, or using our Wi-Fi connection in the building.

Directions: Since you already entered your user name and password, no additinal validation is required; just use the following link:
Direct access to the intranet

2. Access from devices connected to other networks, like a a cable connection at home, or a wireless connection from your phone company.

Directions: Click on the link 'External Access to the intranet' below. in the User name field that appears, please enter your TUKSoD User name followed by; then, your password.
User Name:
Password: ******

Remember: Passwords are case sensitive (T3MPLE is different from T3mple or t3mple)
External Access to the intranet