Orthodontic Internship Program

11 month Orthodontic Internship Program

Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry offers an 11 month Orthodontic Internship program beginning on July 1 of each year and ending on May 30th.
At the discretion of the Graduate Program Director, the Intern will participate in hands-on treatment of patients with minor to moderate malocclusions.  Additionally, he/she will participate in seminars with first year orthodontic residents including, but not limited to, Growth and Development, Cephalometrics, Thesis Design, Orthodontic Philosophies and Techniques, Current Literature Review, Diagnostic and Treatment Planning Conference, and Progress Conference.
In an effort to become a more competitive applicant for an Orthodontic program, the Intern will participate on a research study that is expected to produce either a national presentation or publication. Approximately one day per week will be allotted to research.

Objectives of the program:

• The program curriculum will provide an experience in both clinical and didactic orthodontics for the general practitioner who may be interested in pursuing acceptance into an Orthodontic residency program.
• The educational component will be beyond the scope of undergraduate dental education.
• The Intern will become familiar with contemporary orthodontic procedures.
• The Intern will learn to use 3-D imaging photography and CBCT images and their application to orthodontic diagnosis.
• The Intern will become more familiar with research design and protocols.
Upon completion of the program, the Intern will receive a certificate of attendance and a 1,500 hour ADA CERP continuing education certificate. The Intern will be able to diagnose and treat minor orthodontic malocclusions. This program will NOT result in any specialty certificate or diploma, nor will it provide the participant with the ability to practice in the United States or represent him/herself as an orthodontist.

Tuition and Costs:

Tuition for the program is $40,000.00 with a $5,000.00 non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance.  $15,000.00 is due no later than the start of the program, with the remaining $20,000.00 to be paid by the following January.  There may be additional costs for travel, camera, instruments, and University fees. Tuition and costs may not be eligible for Federal Student Loans.

Applicant Requirements:

The successful applicant must be a graduate of a CODA-approved dental school.
Only applicants that have applied for residency within this cycle will be considered.
Successful completion of this Internship does not in any way guarantee or infer acceptance into the TUKSOD Graduate Orthodontic program or any other program.
Applicants will be considered for the intern if they previously applied to residency program during current cycle.