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From the desk of the President of the Temple Endodontic Alumni Association


Dear Alumni:

Greetings from Philadelphia!  We have successfully dug ourselves out from more than 22 inches of snow and we are all looking forward to attending the AAE annual session in San Francisco this year and hope you will join us there.  There is a lot to catch up with.  Dr. Yesilsoy is our department chairperson with Dr. Koren moving to a part-time position after 34 years as a full-time faculty member.  Dr. Maobin Yang is the new director for the residency program.  Dr. Goldberg is also working very hard to secure a CBCT for our department and we anticipate installation this summer.

We plan to have a hospitality suite in the Marriott Marquis - Foothill F, on Thursday night, April 7, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm.  Please join us and catch up with old friends, get a hug, or just have a laugh.  See you on April 7th.



Donations can be made payable to:

Temple Endodontic Alumni Association

c/o Dr. Bruce Terry

Dept. of Endodontics

Temple Kornberg School of Dentistry

3223 N. Broad St.

Philadelphia PA  19140


If you wish to make a donation to the Alumni Association please make your check payable to: Temple Endodontic Alumni Association and send to Temple Endodontic Alumni Association c/o Dr. Bruce Terry, Dept of Endodontics, Temple University School of Dentistry, 3223 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19140.

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AAE 2016 - San Francisco

Graduation Dinner 2016

Dr. Bruce Terry Climbs Mount Aconcagua - the highest peak in the western hemisphere

Bruce Terry climbs to the top Bruce and his team


I did summit Aconcagua on Saturday at 2:30 pm at 22,800 ft. We slept at 19700 feet for two nights. The weather was very nice for us. We had a light snow and light wind on summit day. All in all it was a terrific climb with 6 new friends. After a 16 hr summit we return tired to our tents. One climber had hypoglycemia on the way down (not unusual) since you often climb on adrenaline. We had to pump her full of sugar and mostly carry her down in teams. Oh well! I also didn't mention the guy we ran into on the way to carry gear to camp 3. He was having angina pain. All the guide had was aspirin. We called for a helicopter rescue and carried him to a spot for the helicopter to pick him up. We learned that he was OK. The guide and our team were written up in the Argentina newspaper for the rescue. So never take any mountain as a day hike. Elevation has an enormous effect on the body. Anyway, for me I love to be out in the mountains and push myself. The guides were great. Yesterday I had my first shower and meat in 14 days! That's right 14 days. It felt great. We hiked out 16 miles from our second base camp yesterday. It was a very long day, but the shower and steak were the prize. It looks like I will be returning on Friday if I can make the change.

All my best,


Dr. Alan Gluskin Elected to the American Association of Endodontists Board of Directors

Alan H. Gluskin, D.D.S., was elected to the American Association of Endodontists Board of Directors during the organization’s recent Annual Session in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Gluskin represents AAE District VII, comprised of California.

Dr. Gluskin currently serves as the professor and chair of the department of endodontics at the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco, Calif., a position he has held since 1990. Since becoming an AAE member in 1974, Dr. Gluskin has served the AAE by volunteering on the Annual Session Planning Committee , which he chaired in 2009-2010. Additionally, he has been a member of the Educational Affairs and Research and Scientific Affairs Committees. Dr. Gluskin also served on the Peer Review Committee of the California State Association of Endodontists from 1992-1998. He received his D.D.S. from the University of the Pacific in 1972 and his Certificate in Endodontics from Temple University in 1976.

New Diplomates

Chinchai Hsiao ('11) has become Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics.


O All students must complete two sessions of assisting in the graduate endodontic clinic prior to treating a patient in the endodontic clinic., alum Aneel Belani.

At the age of 28, Aneel Belani D.D.S., is one of the youngest Board-certified endodontics in ABE. Additional information available at

Passing The Boards 2012

Congratulations!! The department is pleased to announce that the members of the class of 2013 who took the written ABE boards this June all passed.

Andrew Chang
Hector Garcia
Arnav Mistry
Quan Nghiem
Anil Manda Reddy
Marisa Zarchy

Kuo-Wei  Lin (’11) has completed the written and oral portions of the endodontic boards.

Recent Teaching Appointments

Kristina Shagramanova (’09) UCLA
Avedis Encioiu (’10) U of Toronto
Elaine Lam  (’08)  U of British Columbia
Michael Sha (’10)   U of British Columbia
Mahmoud, Ektefaie (’08) U of British Columbia
ChinChai Hsiao (’11) Kornberg School of Dentistry
Christian Lehr (’11) Kornberg School of Dentistry
Ramya Ramamurthy  (’09)UCSF
Herbert Ray (’90) – Director of Graduate Program, U of Pittsburgh
Aneel Belani ('10) University of Illinois at Chicago School of Dentistry
Nicholas Addiego ('00) Kornberg School of Dentistry
Jay M Goldberg ('85) Kornberg School of Dentistry

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