Goals and Objectives of the Program

The following are the AEGD Program Goals and Objectives:

To educate the resident to achieve proficiency in providing comprehensive interdisciplinary general dental care to a broad range of patients, including those with complex medical histories and other special needs.

  1. To educate the resident to enhance clinical abilities in the traditional disciplines of general dentistry.
  2. To educate the resident to be competent to coordinate a patient's emergent, comprehensive, and continuous oral health care.
  3. To educate the resident to improve clinical judgment in diagnosis, treatment planning and patient care.
  4. To broaden the resident's approach to treatment planning through optimal interaction with all health care professionals treating the patient.
  5. To educate the resident to be able to formulate a treatment plan that responds to the relevant medical, dental, and psychosocial needs of the patient.
  6. To provide comprehensive and emergent patient care that appropriately integrates specialty care through informed referral to dental specialists.
  7. To provide service to the community served by The Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry and the TU Health Science Center.
  8. To educate the resident to gain knowledge and experience in dental practice management, in working with office staff, in quality assurance, and in dental jurisprudence, ethics, and risk management.