Alumni Association 9 CE for $95

Alumni Association 9 CE for $95

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9CE for $95 Lecture Series

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Location: Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry, 3223 N. Broad Street, 3rd Floor, Lecture Room A, Philadelphia, PA  19140

Registration: 8:00am

Time: 8:30am - 11:30am

January 14, 2017

Current Topics and Complications in Endodontics by Dr. Sam Kratchman

The lecture will begin with a brief discussion about Endo/Implant trends in current treatment planning. The prevalence of cracked teeth will be discussed and the advantages of CBCT technology. Complications such as sinus involvement, treatment of otherwise hopeless teeth, and several other complex cases will be shown all involving modern endodontic techniques.

At the end of the lecture, the audience will:

  • Understand the difference between Endo Success and Implant Survival rates
  • Know when a cracked tooth can be saved or when it needs to be extracted
  • Learn about the many uses for 3D imaging
  • Understand treatment planning of complex cases


Dr. Sam Kratchman

Dr. Sam Kratchman was born and raised in New York. He received a B.S. in Biology and a D.M.D. both from Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. Sam then entered the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a certificate of endodontics, and currently serves as an Associate Professor of Endodontics and the Assistant Director of Graduate Endodontics, in charge of the microsurgical portion of the program.  Dr. Kratchman has authored several articles and chapters on endodontics and intentional replantation for the Microsurgery in Endodontics textbook, and the Dental Clinics of North America. He also developed a patented instrument called the S Kondenser for the obturation of root canals. Both Main Line Today and Doctor of Dentistry magazines honored Dr. Kratchman as the cover story for their “Best of “ issues.  Dr. Kratchman lectures on several topics of endodontics throughout the United States, Europe, Scandinavia, South America, Canada and Asia. He also maintains two private practices, limited to endodontics, in Exton and West Chester Pennsylvania.

March 4 2017

How to Create Beautiful and Functional Results with Composites: Dr. Robert Marus

Today's restorative dentists need to enhance their cosmetic skills in order to achieve growth and profitability in their practices. This lecture will demonstrate a simplified method of restoring the fractured maxillary anterior central incisor with composite resin and how to and predictably treat posterior teeth, cervical (abfraction) lesions, and incisal wear with beauty, strength and function beyond patient expectations. Although the material science of composites has improved dramatically, the placement remains highly technique-sensitive. This course will demonstrate, in a step-by-step fashion, how to place composites quickly and easily, so that an aesthetic result with a high success rate and predictable outcome can be achieved.

Upon course completion, you will learn:

  • How to quickly treat the classic fractured anterior tooth with a simplified composite layering technique.
  • Where to place opqaue (dentin) and body (enamel) shades of composite.
  • How to restore the anterior fractures tooth using only 2 shades of composite.
  • How to discuss the importance of polymerization shrinkage versus polymerization shrinkage stress.
  • How to quickly place sensitive-free posterior composites with sealed subgingival margins.
  • Review how to predictably treat incised wear with composite.


Dr. Robert Marus

Dr. Marus of Yardley, Pennsylvania, is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is the premiere organization for the specialty of cosmetic dentistry. He is one of the five dentists in the state of Pennsylvania to receive this honor. There are only 350 accredited members worldwide. Dr. Marus has demonstrated an insatiable passion and skill for creating beautiful “celebrity smiles.” Equipped with superior dental materials and artistic ability, he has achieved many smile makeovers of tremendous beauty and natural appearance.  Dr. Marus approaches each smile makeover the way an artist approaches a painting. The “celebrity smile” is carefully studied and considered in order to achieve symmetry, balance and natural beauty. In a world of heightened dental awareness and desire for a youthful smile, Dr. Marus sets the standard for excellence in cosmetic dentistry. A graduate of NYU College of Dentistry, Dr. Marus received his dental degree in 1985, completed his residency at The Jamaica Hospital in New York and holds membership in The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, The American Dental Association, The Pennsylvania Dental Association and the Montgomery-Bucks dental society.   Dr. Marus currently lectures to dentists on techniques in cosmetic dentistry and has been published in numerous national and international publications.   Most recently, Dr. Marus has been featured as the cosmetic dentist on the CN8 television “It’s Your Call,” hosted by Emmy-Award winner Lynn Doyle airing in nationally on the Comcast Network.

April 1, 2017

Removing the Obstacles to Healthier Patients: Dr. Mark Setter

Describing success can be challenging, but one of the most encompassing descriptions of success in the practice of dentistry could well be “getting every patient to have the healthiest mouth possible.”  Both doctors and team members could feel great about their careers, knowing they are helping to make the world a better place, enjoying excellent job security, having the peace of mind of less emergency calls and being able to meet their financial obligations.  If “getting every patient to have the healthiest mouth possible” is the ultimate goal, what is keeping you from achieving that goal now?  What is the obstacle to every patient getting the healthiest mouth possible?  I have posed this question to hundreds of dentists and thousands of team members, and the answer is the same virtually every time, from Beverly Hills to Burlington, Vermont – Money.  This program will demonstrate systems that can be utilized starting on Monday morning by the entire dental team that change your beliefs and allow your office team to have more patients getting the healthiest mouth possible, and demonstrate that money is not really the obstacle.  This program will address the office systems that must be in place to deliver the treatment options that patients may want beyond the “needs” based treatment they have received up to this point.  These systems include: 1) The Examination – the emotional exam, the clinical exam, and the patient awareness of findings, 2) The Office Commitment to Change – everyone on the dental team must have the clinical and verbal skills to discuss treatment options after the dentist derived treatment plan has been presented, because “want” based treatment requires excellence in communication skills, 3) The Systems – from the first contact with the dental office to the treatment completion, systems are required for thoroughness and high level patient satisfaction.

Upon course completion, you will learn:

  • “The Circle of Health” concept of examination that assesses risk for disease, gets patients healthier and contributes to office success
  • The five obstacles to patients accepting treatment and design your examination to reduce those obstacles.
  • An alternative to Patient Education that is clearly better at getting patients motivated to seek and maintain their oral health.
  • How the dental office team with the technical training for contemporary dentistry to have the systems to perform this treatment as part of their everyday practice of dentistry.


Dr. Mark Setter

Dr. Setter graduated from the University of Michigan with a DDS and a Master’s Degree in Periodontics.  Dr. Setter has had a private practice Limited to Periodontics in Port Huron since 1981.  Dental Implantology has been a focus of Dr. Setter over the past twenty years.  In addition to having a very successful private practice, Dr. Setter is on the faculty of the Misch International Implant Institute, as well as on the faculty of The University of Michigan School of Dentistry and Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia.  Dr. Setter also co-founded The Specialist Institute, teaching a curriculum of business skills and clinical skills specifically for dental surgical specialists.  Dr. Setter has been involved with education throughout his career and has been invited to lecture at state, national and international meetings on topics related to Periodontics, Dental Practice Management and Dental Implant Prosthetics.   Dr. Setter and his wife, Susan, have two grown children, Mike, and his wife Shelby, and Jill, and her husband Jason, all of whom are in the dental profession. 

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