Medical Insurance, Health Care & Counseling

Student Medical Insurance

Temple University makes available, on a voluntary basis, group health insurance at a modest premium for its full-time students.  Please visit the Human Resources website at for plan options, monthly premium rates and open enrollment dates.  You may also contact the Human Resources Benefits Office at 215-926-2270 for additional information.

Students are urged to carry either this insurance or a comparable policy. Temple University Hospital requires such identification or an advance payment at the time of admission of private or semi-private patients.  Dental students are required to purchase accident insurance in a group policy, which includes coverage for needle stick injuries.  The accident insurance premium is included in the tuition.

Foreign students are required to carry medical insurance throughout their stay at the University.  Contact the Human Resources Benefits Office at 215-926-2270.

Health Care

Temple University's Student Health Services for the Health Sciences Campus is designed to provide accessible and routine medical care at low cost. Physician and nurse practitioner services are available by appointment. Referrals can be made for dermatology services, counseling, drug and alcohol services, health education and HIV testing at the Main Campus. Student Health Services at HSC provides low-cost immunizations and TB screening for dental students. There are additional fees for laboratory and diagnostic tests and medications.

Student Health Services at the Health Sciences Center campus is open Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm. Student Health Services can be reached at 215-707-4088.


Counseling services are available to dental students at the Main Campus of Temple University. Specific services include counseling for individuals and couples, eating disorders, relationship/interpersonal problems, and stress disorders.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 215-204-7276.