Third Year

In the third-year, study of most clinical subjects continues. Lecture courses lessen in quantity, and the clinical practice of dentistry begins to take precedence in time and effort.

The major thrust of the third year is the development of clinical proficiency. The School offers a comprehensive care clinical program in which students are assigned patients and provide all care for those patients. Experience in oral surgery, diagnosis, radiology, and emergency care is gained through those clinics by assigned rotations. Students, in essence, run their own mini-dental practices, where initiative, perseverance, and good time management are necessary in order to complete the junior clinical requirements in a timely fashion.

Year Three Curriculum

Fall Semester  
Course Credit Hours
Basic Interdisciplinary Implantology 2.0
Endodontology 1.0
Medicine 1.0
Oral Pathology II 3.0
Oral Radiology 1.0
Oral Surgery 1.0
Periodontology Therapy/Treatment Planning 1.0
Restorative V Lecture  1.0
Junior Practice of Dentistry (Clinic) 7.0
Spring Semester  
Course Credit Hours
Advance Interdisciplinary Implantology 1.0
Oral Surgery 1.0
Orthodontics in General Dentistry 1.0
Practice Management I 1.0
Pediatric Dentistry 1.0
Radiology 1.0
Restorative Dentistry VI Lecture 2.0
Admissions Clinic 1.0
Emergency Services/Oral Surgery Clinic 2.0
Endodontics Clinic 2.0
Orthodontic Clinic 1.0
Pediatric Dentistry Clinic 2.0
Periodontology Clinic 2.0
Radiology Clinic 1.0
Restorative Dentistry Clinic 6.0
Summer Session  
Course Credit Hours
Behavioral Science II 1.0
Dentistry for Special Needs Patients                        1.0
Practice Management II 1.0
Senior Summer Clinic I 12.0
Senior Summer Clinic II 6.0