Fourth Year

In the fourth-year curriculum, there is a major increase in both the quantity and the complexity of the dental care performed by fourth year students. A Community Heath Engagement course lays the foundation for senior service learning experiences. Similarly, experiential learning in the community is part of the senior practice management course’s Practice Management In Action rotation to dental settings in the community.   Additionally, the capstone courses of advanced comprehensive care and science in dental practice help students synthesize all that they have learned in their clinical and research experiences, so that by the time they complete the program, Temple graduates are skilled and confident in all aspects of general dentistry and have completed and presented a research project.

Year Four Curriculum

Fall Semester   
Course Credit Hours
Senior Practice of Dentistry (Clinic) 12.0


Spring Semester  
Course Credit Hours
Advanced Comprehensive Care 1.0
Admissions Clinic  1.0
Emergency Services/Oral Surgery Clinic 3.0
Endodontology Clinic 3.0
Science in Dental Practice II 2.0
Pediatric Dentistry Clinic 3.0
Periodontology Clinic 3.0
Practice Management III 1.0
Radiology Clinic 2.0
Restorative Dentistry Clinic 12.0