2018 Science in Dental Practice Day




Pre doc Category


1st Place

Ashley Nelson

Human Papillomavirus Vaccinations in the Dental Setting

Asma Husienzad

Sarah Esmaili

2nd Place

Maria Machalick

What patients really care about in dental practice? 
Text mining and sentimental analysis based on patient reviews

Vinh Ly

Tom Malatesta

3rd Place

Alexandra Symans

Antimicrobial effects of four commercial mouth 
rinses in vitro on human tongue bacterial species.

Elizabeth Puddu

Jamie Gallo

Jennifer Wolf


Post doc Category



1st Place

Kay Chung

ENPP1 and ESR1 Genotypes Associate with 
Subclassifications of Craniofacial Asymmetry and Severity of TMD


2nd Place

Hayoung Kim

Emergency Pulpotomy vs Pulpectomy: Pain Relief for Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis


3rd Place

Aparna Tripathi

Host iron levels modulate the cell wall structure and composition of the oral commensal yeast Candida albicans



Critical case review/systematic review



1st Place

Paige Backenstore
Sasha Sherry

Is there evidence for preferred, fluoride-releasing, proximal liner/base materials for posterior class 2 composite restorations?: A systematic review and clinical considerations


2nd Place

Samir Gupta

A Systematic Review: Malocclusions Associated With Sleep Apnea Devices Based On Cephalometric Series


David Carpinello


Daniel Malloy


Steven Mastropole

A Comprehensive Approach to Patients with Amelogenesis Imperfecta; a Case Report


Ryan Winschel


Matthew Navilio


Alejandro Martinez


3rd Place

Mahdi Mojarrad

Effectiveness of Oraquick in 
Detecting HIV Early in Dental Setting: A Systematic Review


Suraj Vanmalo


Harrison Wong


Stephen Xue






1st Place

Dr. Thomas Rams

Antibiotic resistance changes in periodontal Parvimonas micra over 10 years.


2nd Place

Dr. Nezar Al-hebshi

Strain-level and functional characterization of the supragingival microbiome associated with dental caries in children – a pilot study


3rd Place

Dr. Marisol Tellez M.

Treatment Fidelity of a Motivational Interviewing Intervention to Improve Oral Health Education among Elderly Patients in Northeast Philadelphia.