General Alumni Meeting/Science in Dental Practice Day

Our second Science in Dental Practice Day was held on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at the Temple Performing Arts Center


The Keynote Speaker for the day was Dr. Angela Duckworth.  Dr. Duckworth spoke on “True Grit”.  Who succeeds in life? Is it simply those among us who are gifted and talented in our pursuits? Or, is aptitude merely “potential” if effort and interest are not sustained over time? In this presentation, Angela Duckworth reviewed her research on grit, the tendency to pursue challenging goals over years with perseverance and passion. She describes the predictive power of grit for performance in the National Spelling Bee, graduation from West Point, graduation from the Chicago Public Schools, and a variety of other contexts. Then, she described current work on the underlying motivational, cognitive, and behavioral mechanisms explaining what makes gritty individuals different from others. Finally, she summarizes her current thinking on how we can cultivate grit in ourselves and in others. 
This year's Paul J. Batastini, DDS, FACD and Amelia Z. Batastini, RPH, Lecturer was Dr. Ken Kornman. Dr. Kornman spoke on “Inflammation: Your Health, and the Health of Your Patients”.  For many years physicians and dentists divided up diseases based on which part of the body exhibited dysfunction, pain, or physical abnormalities. In recent years evidence indicates that many diseases, especially the major chronic diseases of aging, are connected though common biological pathways, such that some diseases may develop together and one disease may influence another. Inflammation is one of the most powerful common pathways and has implications for you and your patients. The good news is that inflammation can be modified to improve our long term health.

Poster Presentations

The school invited students, faculty, staff and alumni to partake in a day of research presented by our predoctoral and postdoctoral dental students and faculty members.  Six monetary prizes were awarded ($2000, $1000, and $500 awards) and in addition two national research awards will be given out (ADA/Dentsply and Hinman)
Full Agenda for the day:
Registration at Temple Performing Arts Center
Opening Remarks, First Guest Speaker, Dr. Angela Duckworth
Reception and Poster Viewing
The Paul J. Batastini, DDS., FACD and Amelia Z. Batastini, RPH, Lecturer, Dr. Kenneth Kornman
Research/Alumni Awards Presentation
General Alumni Awards Reception and Annual Meeting
General Alumni Meeting
Following the conclusion of Science in Dental Practice Day, alumni were encouraged to attend the general alumni meeting where the following alumni awards were given:
  • Distinguished Alumni - Dr. David Bresler
  • Education - Dr. Susan Chialastri
  • Service - Dr. Bernard Dishler
  • Humanitarian - Dr. Bruce Terry
  • Business - Dr. David Bresler
  • Leadership - Dr. Robert Levine