Orthodontics - Predoctoral Program

Course title: Postnatal Craniofacial Growth
Course director: Dr. James Sciote Course
Course #: D370
Year: Sophomore 
Description: This is a lecture series course designed to introduce the dental students to normal growth and development so that deviations from normal can be recognized by the clinician.  Biological and evidence-based emphasis is placed on developmental disturbances, orthodontic tooth movement, and Dentofacial orthopedics.  Inheritance patterns are also included to explain craniofacial phenotypes.

Course title: Orthodontic Considerations in General Dental Practice
Course director: Dr. Harold Slutsky
Course #: D671 S
Semester: Spring
Year: Junior 
Description:This didactic course introduces the student to concepts of orthodontic treatment in the young and in the adult. The distinction between "orthodontic tooth movement" and "orthodontic treatment" is made. Adjunctive orthodontics and the role of tooth movement in general dental practice is emphasized. Interactions between specialties and sequencing of treatment is accentuated. This course allows the student to make the transition from preclinical to clinical activities on orthodontics.

Course title: Introduction to Orthodontic Specialty
Course director: Dr. Orhan C. Tuncay
Course #: D771
Semester: Spring;
Year: Senior 
Description:This didactic course exposes the student to practice of orthodontics. Also included in the course is presentations of orthodontic armamentarium for orthodontic tooth movement in a general dental practice setting. Primarily this course is designed to enable the student to interact between the orthodontic specialist and the patient.