Second Year

In the second-year, three major educational tasks are undertaken. The first is to complete the scientific study of normal and abnormal structure and function, with major courses of study in microbiology, growth and development and pathology. The second is to prepare for the practice of dentistry in a comprehensive clinical setting. This involves preclinical courses in virtually all phases of dentistry: endodontology, fixed prosthodontics, operative dentistry, oral diagnosis and oral medicine, orthodontics, periodontology, and removable prosthodontics. Also included in the course offerings are pain control, including anesthesia and analgesia, and treatment planning. The third task is to gain a level of confidence associated with patient contact. During the spring semester, students have introductory experiences in several clinics.

Year Two Curriculum

Fall Semester   
Course Credit Hours
Human Systems & Disease I 5.0
Human Systems & Disease II 5.0
Oral Surgery 1.0
Principles of Periodontology I 2.0
Restorative Dentistry III Lecture 4.0
Restorative Dentistry III Lab 4.0
Spring Semester   
Course Credit Hours
Anesthesia and Pain Control 1.0
Oral Pathology I 3.0
Oral Radiology 1.0
Pediatric Dentistry Lecture and Lab 3.0
DPH II 1.0
Pre-Clinical Radiology 2.0
Principles of Periodontology II 2.0
Restorative Dentistry IV Lecture 3.0
Restorative Dentistry IV Lab 3.0
Summer Session  
Course Credit Hours
Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence 1.0
Endodontology Lecture 2.0
Endodontology Lab 1.0
Introduction to Clinical Dentistry 2.0
Medical Emergencies 1.0
Advancded Restorative Lect. & Lab 3.0
Treatment Planning 1.0
Junior Summer Clinic I 9.0
Junior Summer Clinic II 6.0