First Year

The first-year curriculum begins the study of normal structure and function of the oral cavity, head, neck, thorax, abdomen, and upper extremities. This is achieved in the anatomy courses - gross, microscopic, and neurologic - and in the study of biochemistry and nutrition.

A major preclinical sequence introducing the student to dental anatomy, dental materials, and occlusion is also introduced in the first year. Other first-year courses include behavioral science, dental public health, and a first look at clinical areas of dentistry: removable prosthodontics, periodontology, and operative dentistry.

Year One Curriculum

Fall Semester   
Course Credit Hours
Biochemistry 4.0
Dental Materials 1.0
General and Oral Histology 6.0
Practice and Profession of Dentistry 2.0
Restorative Dentistry I Lecture 2.0
Restorative Dentistry I Lab 2.0
Spring Semester  
Course Credit Hours
DPH I 1.0
Gross Anatomy 6.0
Neuroanatomy 2.0
Restorative Dent. II Lecture 4.0
Restorative Dent. II Lab 4.0
Summer Session  
Course Credit Hours
Nervous System & Pain 3.0
Inflamation & Wound Healing 3.0
Behavioral Science I 1.0
Craniofacial Growth & Cephalometrics 2.0
Science in Dental Practice 1.0